ZChem - NDT Consumables & Equipment

ZChem offers complete range of NDT products in Magnetic Particle Inspection & Liquid Penetrant Inspection Techniques. Backed by unique technology, ZChek products are manufactured using world class manufacturing facility, with vital combination of vision to grow, commitment to offer value to the customer and over 50 years of management competence, we are the unique choice for our customers.

ZChem has a strong professional team capable of developing and offering customized products and solutions for various industrial applications. All ZChek products are designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the industry norms across the globe

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Magnetic Particle inspection Consumables

ZChek WP

This is a blend of solvent and fine inorganic pigments. When sprayed, it provides bright background for magnetic powders, enhancing visibility of indications.

ZChek 9E Black

Zchek 9E Black is black magnetic powder concentrate designed for usage in non florescent wet method and on light colored part surface.

ZChek FB

Zchek FB is a fine blend of fluorescent magnetic powders suspended in ZChek 801 cart oil in aerosol can. Zchek FB is an ideal choice for high performance inspections of precision safety-critical or high-stress components, and to extend the life of valuable mag particle equipment.

ZChek 9D Red

General purpose magnetic powder formulated to form excellent indications of discontinuities at the surface or near surface of the test part.