Trichy Trading Co LLC is the premier suppliers of welding machines in the UAE region with branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu dhabi , Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain.

Telwin is an Italian manufacturer specializing in welding machines. They have an extensive range of welding machines for all types of welding namely Arc welding, MiG welding,Tig welding, Spot welding etc Telwin also have extensive stock of all the spares and accessories which makes it the bestselling brand in welding machines .

Telwin has the widest, most complete range of welding machines in the market.

Trichy Trading Co LLC also have an authorized service center for Telwin welding machines where experienced technicians repair and service used welding machines. Trichy Trading Co LLC specialises in repair and servicing of telwin welding machines and ensures the longevity of the machines.

Telwin Authorised dealer UAE
Telwin Dubai
Telwin distributor

Force 165+ Acc In Plastic

Tecnica 188 MPGE + Acc In Plastic case

Technology 238 CE MPGE with AL with ACC

Technology216 HD with AL with ACC

Technology236 HD with AL with ACC

Advanc 187 MV/PFC

MMA kit 200A

Tig Welging Kit

Stream automatic Helmet


MMA kit 200A

Superior 245 inverter

MMA kit

Superior 320CE VRD

MMA kit

Superior 400CE VRD

TX50 wire feeder

Superior 630 CE VRD 400V

Nordika 1800

Nordika 2160

Nordika 3200

Nordika 3250

Artika 270

Quality 280AC/DC

Eurarc 322

Eurarc 422

Eurarc 522

MMA kit for 322(25mm 3+2M DX25)

MMA kit for 422 (50mm 4+2m DX 50)

MMA kit 350A 35mm ( Linear 300,

Mma kit 400A 50mm (Eurarc522,Linear 410/S)

Linear 280

Linear 340

Linear 300/S

Linear 410/S+CC39:C46

Linear 430HD

Linear 530HD

Linear 630HD

Tig Torch 4m DX50

Green Line Lather autoamtic Potential meter

superior Tig 251 DC-HF/LIFT VRD + ACC Three Phsae

Superior TIG 252 AC/DC-HF/LIFT VRD   Three Phase

Superior Tig 311 DC _ HF/LIFT VRD + ACC  Three Phase

Superior Tig 322 Ac/Dc-HF-Lift with ACC Three phase

Superior Tig 421 DC /HF-LIFT + ACC  Three Phase 

Super Tig 422 AC/DC HF-LIFT + ACC WITH Water Cooler

MMA elecrode Holder 25mm 4M DX50

Tig Automatic Torch with potenial meter green line

Remote Device

Automatic Helmet Vintage dragon

stainless steel tig clean kit

Super tig 200 AC /DC + ACC

ST17 4M blue line Torch 180A

Super Tig 280/1 AC /Dc + ACC + AQUA

ST18A  Tig water Cooler torch 4M  Bule Line

Tig water cooer torch 8M bule line

1 pot remote control

Pedal Remote control

2 pot remote control

Digital car puller 5000 (230v)

Digital car puller 5500 (400v)

Digital car spotter 5500(230V)


Studder ready box

Digital car spotter 7000(400V)

kit studder

Digital spotter 9000(Aqua)water cooler

Digital Modular 230

Digital modular 400

PTE 18

PTE 28


PCB 28

Water Cooling System


Tcehnomig215 Dual synergic

Technomig 223 treo synergic

Technomig 223 treo synergic + Spool Gun M6

Eletromig220 Synergic

Spool gun M6

inver pluse 320(mig,MMA,Tig lift) (3 year warranty)

inver pluse 320 AQUA(mig,MMA,Tig lift) (3 year warranty)

Inver Plus 425 Mig -Tig -MMA ( 3 year warranty)

Inver plus 425  AQUA Mig -Tig -MMA ( 3 year warranty)

Inver Plus 625 Mig – Tig – MMA (3 year warranty )

Inver Plus 625  AQUA Mig – Tig – MMA (3 year warranty )

Technomig 180 Dual synergic

Technomig 210 Dual synergic

Telmig 180/2

TW 180 Mig Torch 2.5 M 180A

Telmig 251/2

MT15 Mig Torch 4M 220A

TelMig 281/2

Master Mig 220/2

Master Mig 270/2

MT25 Mig Torch 3M 270A

MT25 Mig Torch 5M 270A

master Mig 300

Master Mig 400

MT36 Mig Torch 4M 400A

MT 36 Mig Torch 5M 400A

Master mig 500 

10M Extension cable

supermig 380( Three year warranty)

Super mig 480 (Three Year warranty)

Super Mig 480 AQUA ( Three year warranty)

Super Mig 580 ( Three Year warranty)

Super Mig 580 AQUA ( Three Year warranty

Technica 160 HF – LIFT  + ACC 

TechnologyTig 185 DC-HF/LIFT + AL +ACC

Technology tig 230 DC-HF/LIFT + AL +ACC

Technology Tig 222 AC/DC/HF-LIFT +AL + ACC

Technology Plasma 54 Compressor

Plasma torch 4M

Circular Cutting Unit

Superior Plasma 60HF Inverter

Plasma Torch 6M

Circular Unit

Superior Plasma 90HF Inverter

Enterprise plasma 160HF

Super Plasma 130 HF

Plasma torch 6M

plasma torch 12M

Automatic Torch 12M

Circular Cutting Unit

Super plasma 83 HF

Plasma Torch 6M

Circular Cutting Unit


Alucar 5100

Alu spotter 6100 (115-230v)

Aluspotter box

alu repair box M5-M6


Nevada 15

Alpine 20 Boost 

Alpine 30 Boost 

Alpine 50 Boost

Pluse 30 (automatic)

Pluse 50 ( automatic)

Docotor charge 30

docotor charge 50

startronic 330

startronic 530

Computer 48/2 Prof

Dynamic 320 start

Dynamic 420 Start

Dynamic 520 Start

Dynamic 620 Start

Alaska 150 start

Energy 650 Start

Energy 1500 Start

Pro start 1712

pro start 2212

pro start 2824