Signode – Packaging Systems

Signode is a global manufacturer of steel and plastic strapping, stretch film and the application equipment and accessory products for each. Our products are used throughout the world in a broad range of industries to secure everything from cotton bales and newspapers to steel coils and corrugated cartons. What makes us unique is our systems approach to serving customers’ needs. In addition to providing our customers with the packaging materials and the application equipment for each, we also support our product applications with our own technical and engineering resources, equipment safety training and maintenance and repair services.

With trusted brands such as LOCTITE and TEROSON, Henkel facilitates your search for the right products for your specific maintenance and repair problems on all types of vehicles. These are the same products used by the major automotive manufacturer’s around the world.

Loctite & Teroson offers a comprehensive range of products to ensure the reliability of mechanical assemblies. Technicians rely on the consistent quality of these products for their day to day repairs.

Packaging Tools

Buckles & Seals

PP Strap

Composite Strap

PET Strap

Steel Strap

Seals for hand tool application

All types of 12mm Signode plastic strapping as well as 16mm and 19mm High-Strength Tenax strapping can be sealed with hand tools using metal seals. Signode manufactures snap-on seals for manual sealers and Nestack seals for use in combination strapping tools with seal magazines.

Contrax polypropylene

Contrax polypropylene strapping, designed to run through hand tools and power strapping equipment, provides superior performance for light to medium-duty bundling and carton closure applications. It has excellent elongation recovery properties, making it ideal for products that shrink or compress, such as top-iced food packages and newspaper bundles.

Tenax® embossed polyester strapping

Tenax® embossed polyester strapping Signode’s new highly engineered embossed Tenax strapping, available in both regular and high strength, provides reliable performance for a variety of applications that require exceptional strength with high retained tension. Its excellent elongation characteristics along with the ability to accommodate multiple tension levels help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking, improving the arrival conditions of loads.

High-Strength Tenax

High-Strength Tenax is a highly engineered polyester strapping material that combines the performance properties of both steel and plastic strapping to form a stronger, more resilient strapping material. Since its introduction in 1990, High-Strength Tenax has become a viable alternative for steel strapping in many heavy-duty baling, bundling, palletizing and unitizing applications. Its elongation and recovery characteristics help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking.

Magnus steel strapping

Magnus steel strapping is a cold-rolled, heat-treated, medium carbon steel strapping that provides high tensile strength and excellent shock resistance for the heaviest-duty applications.

Apex Plus

Apex Plus is a cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping, engineered to yield a higher break strength at a thinner gauge than regular-duty steel strapping. In many light to medium-duty applications, Apex Plus can substitute for the heavier gauge regular-duty steel strapping to save money on material and shipping costs.