Sia – Abrasives

As a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality abrasives with more than 140 years of expertise and unrivalled innovativeness, we can offer one of the most comprehensive range of products incorporating solutions for perfect surface finish. We are your abrasives specialists. We have industrial expertise. We know the process steps of our customers and can offer the right sanding solution for any material.

With trusted brands such as LOCTITE and TEROSON, Henkel facilitates your search for the right products for your specific maintenance and repair problems on all types of vehicles. These are the same products used by the major automotive manufacturer’s around the world.

Loctite & Teroson offers a comprehensive range of products to ensure the reliability of mechanical assemblies. Technicians rely on the consistent quality of these products for their day to day repairs.

1960 SIAREXX 150MM


1950 SIASPEED 70x198MM


SIA Multi hole backing pad 54 holes soft

7900 SIANET 150MM

7900 SIANET 70x198 MM

1950 sia speed sia soft rolls

7940 sia air discs with velcro foam backing

1913 siawat standerd sheet wet/dry

6711 siafleece flex strips

1913 sia wat daisy discs

Sia Fleece Rolls